Dukia Africa Helipad

Dukia Africa is the largest and biggest resort in Africa in the real estate ecosystem. Dukia Africa is one of the top-selling properties located in Epe, Lagos. Dukia Africa is a must-have property for every investment due to the top 5 features present in the estate. Also, there are other top features you need to know in dukia Africa.

Dukia Africa was launched on Thursday, 15th September 2022. It was a great experience and a rainy day which I and my partners can never forget. Also, a remarkable event happened on this fateful day which was the landing of the helicopter. The first helicopter landed inside the helipad which was 100% completed before the launching day.

ATTENTION: I will be sharing two videos of the launching and as well the landing of the helicopter. But before then. If you will love to key into dukia Africa and spread payment up to 12 months, please click HERE NOW!

Dukia Africa Launch 2022

Also, in dukia Africa, we have various sqm available with a flexible payment plan in which 3 months is outright without interest. You can also get the brochure and the 3D design of the oke aro bungalow that is selling in dukia Africa.

The title of dukia Africa resort estate is C of O which can be verified with a lodgement document. In case you will love to make your search about dukia Africa, please request for the lodgement document HERE.

Helicopter landing in dukia Africa 2022

Dukia Africa is that property you don’t want to miss out. Lock down your plot(s) right away for profit maximization.

For further details, information, and payment plan please call or WhatsApp Peter on +234 901 509 4850 or click on the WhatsApp button on your screen.


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